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Clover Station Solo

Clover Station Solo

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Clover Station Solo
•Clover Station Solo is a powerful, all-in-one Clover Station device that has one-merchant facing screen •Clover Station Solo is best-suited for full-service restaurants and other types of merchants who don’t need a customer-facing screen to process payments •Clover Station Solo is a one-screen alternative to the two-screen Station Duo •Features Include: •Supports WiFi, Ethernet, LTE connection, and mobile hotspot •LTE service and SIM card provided by AT&T, managed by the Wireless Manager app •1gb of data per month -$15 per active SIM card •EMV and MSR only –No NFC, PIN debit, or EBT •Integrated battery backup up to 1 hour •Includes a P500 receipt printer •Clover Station Solo does NOT support tethering of a Mini, Flex, or NFC printer •Optional proprietary charging cable for a Flex
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