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Masa+ Online Ordering and Payments for Restaurants

Masa+ Online Ordering and Payments for Restaurants

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Seamlessly Integrated with Aldelo Express Cloud POS

Take Your Business to the Next Level with a Complete End-to-End Solution!

Masa+ Online Ordering and Payments Solution:

Restaurants, Pizza Places, Bars, and Food Trucks

Versatile Online Ordering
for Food and Drink
Search the best local restaurants, pizza places, bars, and food trucks in your area. Try an exciting new food or cocktail by ordering from your phone, tablet, or computer. It doesn’t matter what kind of device you have – our browser-based platform has you covered.
Made for Restaurants, Pizza Places, Bars, and Food Trucks
Order online from anywhere  including the comfort of your table at your favorite restaurant, pizza place, bar, or food truck locationWhen your order is ready, pick it up or have it delivered to your table. Forget to order an appetizer? Want another round of drinks? Simply use Masa+ and send your order directly to the bar or kitchen. It’s that easy.
Launch the Solution On Demand, Order, and Pay
Using the Masa+ online ordering and payments solution is simple and fast. Scan a store’s QR code from a website, table tent card, or other posting to launch the solution on demand for one-time use. Or create an account to use the Masa+ Secure Wallet and pay by credit card or Masa+ Gift Card, Loyalty, and Rewards where accepted.
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