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Pulse Ultra Touch Monitor

Pulse Ultra Touch Monitor

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The Pulse Ultra Touch Monitor, Durable, Customizable, and Stylish

Gain the benefit of a reliable touch monitor with a sleek, stylish look that doesn’t sacrifice functionality for visual appeal. The Pulse Ultra Touch Monitor is equipped with the latest in Projected Capacitive touch screen technology for responsive, accurate order entry. Available with an optional slim MSR, 2D barcode reader, EMV reader, and pin pad mounts, the Pulse Ultra Touch Monitor delivers the flexibility needed to accommodate your unique business needs.

Projected Capacitive Touch Screen

The Pulse Ultra Touch Monitor’s Projected Capacitive touch screen is the best in its class for both responsiveness and resilience. Used as a standalone self-service kiosk solution or as a POS terminal interface, this touch monitor will withstand tough retail and hospitality environments. And, it will look great doing it.

More Connectivity Options

The Pulse Ultra Touch Monitor offers both USB and VGA ports, delivering two different options for connecting your PC to the monitor. Regardless of whether you have the analog or the digital port connectivity options available, the Pulse Ultra Touch Monitor is ready to meet your business needs.

Sleek and Stylish Design

Choose a powerful display solution without compromising on style. The Pulse Ultra Touch Monitor is available with both 15” and 17” displays.

Versatile Peripheral Connectivity

The Pulse Ultra Touch Monitor offers a variety of integrated peripherals, including an optional USB-connected magnetic stripe reader, steel coat fingerprint reader, Augusta reader/EMV, 2D barcode reader and more.

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