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SaaS Lightspeed Restaurant Essentials

SaaS Lightspeed Restaurant Essentials

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         Grow with world-class insights.

$189.00 USD per month annually or $246.00 billed monthly.

Lightspeed Restaurant

Connect every action to your back-of-house operations with Lightspeed’s intuitive platform. Scale your business and provide exceptional guest experiences.

Key features of Lightspeed Restaurant

Start streamlining your business operations from day one with these features pre-built into Lightspeed’s user-friendly system.

Choose one partner for all your POS needs

Lightspeed Restaurant offers a full suite of integrated products. Be trained and supported by one team dedicated to your success.

Execute with precision while supporting your profit goals

Remain agile and adaptable with real-time data. Make fast business decisions with confidence—even in the face of constant change.

Turn tables faster with bill splitting

Quickly and easily split bills by seat, item or amount,
resulting in faster turn times and happier guests.

Access reports from anywhere

One hub with sales reports, server performance, menu management and insights gives you a single source of truth on your restaurant’s health.

Continue selling even if the internet goes down

Lightspeed uses blockchain technology to store and protect your check data, so your business keeps running smoothly even when you’re offline.

Integrate your favorite third-party apps

Already working with technology you love? Lightspeed’s partner ecosystem has solutions for all your needs. | 1-877-424-6767 | SaaS Lightspeed Restaurant Essentials

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